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Try Something New at Lunch Today - Our Lunch Menu Has Something for Everyone

At our fine dining restaurant, we offer light lunches with speedy service in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy our new Summertime Salad made with fresh seasonal fruits & house made dressing or our juicy Empire Burger served with fries and a variety of condiments. We guarantee you'll leave satisfied

Soups & Salads

Lion Head Bowl French Onion Soup  9.95

Soup Du Jour  5.95/ 10.95

Grilled Caesar Salad 6.95 / 10.95

charred romaine lettuce, red onion, parmesan, prosciutto

Summer Salad 12.95

strawberries, blueberries, radishes, goat cheese, walnuts, strawberry poppyseed dressing  

Greek Salad 10.95

cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese, greek vinaigrette

Farro Salad 12.95

apples, dried cranberries, pickled onions, asparagus, walnuts, parmesan cheese, lemon vinaigrette

Beet & Avocado Salad 11.95

arugula, feta cheese, lemon tahini

House Salad 12.95

mixed greens, cucumber, red onion, tomato, goat cheese crumbles, pecans, raspberry vinaigrette

*Add on: Chicken 5.25 Salmon 9.95 Shrimp  9.95 Steak 10.95 Crispy Tofu 5.95 


Served with fries

Salmon Patty 16.95

lemon dill sauce, lettuce

Turkey Club 12.95

cranberry relish, bacon, lettuce

Grilled Cheese 10.95

spreadable brie cheese, house jam

Chicken Wrap / Sandwich 13.95

chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, chive aioli, garlic herb wrap

Vegetable Wrap / Sandwich 13.95

assorted vegetables, lemon tahini, beet hummus spread

The Empire Burger 15.95

bacon relish, pickled onion, white cheddar cheese


Southwestern Bowl 12.95

spicy rice, assorted vegetables, fried egg

Grilled Shrimp Bowl 21.95

corn salad, wild rice, tomato puree, asparagus

Tuna Poke Bowl 22.95

toasted almonds, basmati rice, avocado, radish

Zesty Pineapple Bowl 15.95

basmati rice, red peppers, pineapples, cashews, thai pineapple sauce

*Add on: Chicken 5.25 Salmon 9.95 Shrimp  9.95 Steak 10.95 Crispy Tofu 5.95 

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